Friday, December 10, 2010

New IPs

I think we may have found a new set of IPs.  It's funny b/c whenever I used to think about doing a surrogacy and how it would go and the type of couple I would choose I always thought I would get a couple that lived near me but come to find out that doesn't normally happen, atleast when you go through an agency.  I also always pictured myself doing a surrogacy for a straight couple in their 20s or 30s.  Going into this I didn't think I wanted to do a surrogacy for a gay couple then I saw A and S's profile and that changed immediately.  It's like when you see that person's profile you are like "That's it, that's the one."  It's like you are drawn to them for reasons you may not even know.  Now when I was looking for another profile I was ok with doing a surrogacy for a gay couple but I just didn't want anyone too old or anyone overseas.  And low and behold who did I choose, an older couple that live overseas.  It's really strange how things work out and how you are just drawn to certain people.  I guess everything happens for a reason and no matter what kind of preconception I may have about this process everything will work out the way it was meant to.