Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Weeks!

I know, I haven't posted in forever.  Not much to write about in the middle of the pregnancy but you know what they say, "A boring pregnancy is a good pregnancy." 

Nothing much going on around here.  Baby is moving around a lot and gets the hiccups all the time (speaking of which, there he goes  He gets really active around 10:30 or 11 every night for about an hour.  I love feeling him kick and squirm and watching my stomach move.  I've been trying to get a good video of it for the guys but this kid is very stubborn, or camera shy one.  Every time I grab my phone or tell someone to look or put their hand on my stomach he stops.  It's very annoying.

My kids are doing great.  Alyssa's first school year will be over before we know it.  Zoe has been a handful as usual.  She is at that stage where she wants to do everything herself and gets mad if I try to help her.  And her new favorite word is "Why?"  She asks why about everything.  This is a typical conversation we've been having...
Me:  Zoe you're about to get in trouble!
Zoe:  Why?
Me:  Because you're not listening.
Zoe:  Why?
Me:  I don't know why you're not listening, why don't you tell me!

Zoe also keeps telling me that she's got a baby in her belly.  She started doing it when we were in a restaurant the other day.  She pulls her shirt all the way up and sticks her belly way out and says, "The baby's trying to come out!"  And of course she has to say it really loud and do it over and over again.  I got them both signed up for the spring soccer season.  It will be interesting to see how Zoe (2.5 years old) does.  Hopefully it will help run some energy out of her.  I would love to sign her up for a tumbling class too since her soccer "games" are only on Saturdays.  We'll see.

We recently adopted a dog, or she adopted us.  Apparently someone dropped her off up the street and she wandered up about 3 weeks ago now and immediately took to Zoe.  After 5 minutes of Zoe running around the yard playing with her she says, "You know what the dog's name is?  It's Pepper."  I have no idea where she came up with that but, whatever.  She has been a great dog.  We really couldn't have asked for a better dog to adopt.  She's excellent with the kids and very calm and gentle with them.  She listens VERY well and she doesn't use the bathroom in the house.  She walks on the leash really good too.  Both of the kids can walk her with no problems.  I don't have to worry about her dragging them down the road.  After we'd had her for a couple of days me and the kids took her to the park and Zoe was walking her around.  Well, we found out real quick that she likes to chase squirrels.  She took off full speed after a squirrel and I hollered at her and told her to stop and she stopped dead in her tracks and turned around and came back to us.  I was shocked, I just knew Zoe was about to be lying face first on the ground.  She's a german shepard mix but she's not very big.  Only about 40lbs and the vet said she's probably about a year and a half old.  She is the perfect size for these kids.  Not too small so that I have to worry about the kids trying to carry her around and not too big so that I have to worry about her hurting them or taking up too much room in our small house.  The kids are loving having a dog.  Zoe likes to get into the dog food and play in the dogs water.  I went in the kitchen one day and she had thrown all the dogs food all over the kitchen floor.  And twice already she has gotten her play mop and dipped it in the dogs water and "mopped" the kitchen floor with it.  Aren't kids fun.

Tommy and I joined the gym.  My legs were so sore after the first day.  It's nice being able to get out of the house for a little while but last time Zoe got really upset in the little daycare.  I was really wanting to do some Zumba but it's harder than those girls make it look (or I'm just really uncoordinated).  They are way too bouncy for me right now too.  I'm not feeling very bouncy these days.  I think I need to practice the Zumba on my own a little more before trying another one of those classes. 

It's so funny to hear how people react when they find out the baby I'm carrying isn't mine.  One of the girls at the gym asked me how far along I was and I told her and she told me congrats and I said, "It's not mine but thank you."  All she said was "Oh."  And that was the end of that conversation...LOL!  I don't know if she was confused or what but she never said anything else.

Ok, time for pictures :)  These are from the 20 week u/s when "I and A" were here.

this is 24 weeks

this is 27 weeks

this is 28.5 weeks 

30 week belly

Doesn't look like it has changed too much in the past month or so.  Some days it looks more round than others, just depends on how he's sitting.  He seems to like to sit lower than my girls did and I think it makes my stomach poke out a bit more.

The guys have decided to drive up a couple of days before my due date instead of waiting on me to go in labor and trying to jump on a plane.  They are going to drive home too.  The pediatricians they talked to advised them against flying with a newborn.  I'm glad, that just means I'll get to see them more.  I want to take them up to Stone Mountain when they come up.  When I said something to them about it they said, "Are you sure you can do that at 9 months pregnant?"  LOL!  I told them absolutely and assured them that I wasn't planning on CLIMBING the mountain.  Then of course at my next OB visit they had to ask the OB if it was ok for me to go up there then and do that and of course she said yes, absolutely!  And they had to ask her about me joining the gym.  Guys are so funny.  They just have no clue.  I wish they would just trust me more and try to relax a little.  I know my body and I know what I'm doing.  It's not like this is my first pregnancy.  I GOT THIS!!!