Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happiness :)

I'm 21 weeks now and had a great weekend with my IFs.  They flew in on Friday and met me at the OBs.  The guys went straight for the belly when they saw me.  It was so funny and really cute.  I wish I was farther along so they could feel him kick or something but I'm secretly hoping they will come visit one more time before the birth ;)  We did the big 20 week u/s and everything with the baby looked great.  It's definitely a boy and he's measuring right on track.  I also found out that the placenta is on the front of my uterus towards the top which is why I've only been feeling movement down low.  She said that once the baby gets bigger that will change and I'll be able to feel movement all over.  YAY!!! 

After the OB appointment we went over to the hospital to do the hospital tour.  That went great.  The guys really liked the hospital and they said they had had other surrogates deliver with them and some with gay couples too so it's not anything that's foreign to them.  I think that made the guys feel better too. 

Then we went to dinner with them at this really nice restaurant on the water.  Tommy and I had never been there before but we'd heard it was good, what we hadn't heard was how expensive it is.  If I had known it was going to be so expensive I never would have suggested we go there.  It wouldn't have bothered me if we had paid for our own food but they always insist on paying.  Anyways, dinner was delicious and I gave the guys an early Christmas present.  I had an ornament made for them and they loved it.  And I showed them a picture of the one I had made for me too and they thought it was really cute.

Then Saturday we all went to the Ga Aquarium and had a great time.  Zoe did pretty good.  There was no screaming or crying so that's always a good thing.  When the kids first met "I and A" when we got to the aquarium Alyssa was being kinda shy (Zoe's never shy) but it didn't take her long to warm up to them and she latched onto "I" the rest of the day and I got lots of pictures of them together.  They were really good with the kids and it was nice to see how quickly they warmed up to "I and A".  Before we got halfway through the aquarium you would think they had always been part of the family.  We all had a really nice time and they didn't have any problem lending an extra hand and would jump right in there and chase Zoe down if she ran off.  They are going to be great dads :)

After the aquarium we met a bunch of our family for dinner at a buffet/hibachi restaurant.  My mom and dad came, my aunt and uncle, my brother and his girlfriend, my best friend and her husband and Tommy's mom and aunt.  Everyone really liked the guys and thought they were really super sweet.  It went really well and everyone talked and got along.  I couldn't have asked for more, it went really well.  When Tommy's aunt was hugging me and telling me bye she told me how proud of me she is and started to tear up.  It was super sweet, she is a really nice lady.  She has been so excited and happy about the surrogacy since the beginning.  Even my mom is finally coming around.  She really likes the guys and bought them a little gift and card and gave it to them at dinner.  It was really sweet and it really makes me feel better seeing her come around as much as she has and really accept them. 

21 week belly :)

This is the ornament I had made for them.  I put one of the u/s pictures in it for them too :)

This is the ornament I had made for my tree :)

All of us at the Ga Aquarium ("A" is on the far right and "I" is next to him, holding Alyssa).  After seeing this picture I'm wishing I had worn the shirt I had on in my 21 week belly picture.  More flattering I think.  I'm not a big fan of shirts that float away from the belly at the bottom (especially during pregnancy) but hubby said it looked good so I wore it.  Men, what do they know?