Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Perfect Surrogacy

I can't believe how incredibly well everything is going.  We've got the contracts done, health insurance and life insurance done and K has set up the escrow account.  We are still getting along great and talking about getting together again so they can meet my girls.  It's almost like a dream, it's too perfect, they are too perfect.  But I hope it stays this way.  :)  K and I e-mail or text almost every day to talk about the surrogacy or the kids or just life in general.  It's very nice.  I've already started the birth control pills to get ready for the transfer, actually I'm almost on my 2nd pack.  I had my first appointment today at Georgia Reproductive Specialists for my saline infusion sonogram/mock transfer.  They just basically had to check my uterus and make sure there wasn't any scar tissue or fibroids or anything and the doctor said it all looked good so we are cleared for takeoff.  I got my meds calendar today and I'm supposed to start Lupron next week (so exciting!).  We are supposed to be transferring around the end of April but I don't have an exact date yet.

On top of all that I am dealing with a psychotic neighbor named Kerry.  We used to get along great up until about 2 months ago.  She even gave my kids birthday and Christmas presents and our kids loved to play together and she would give us the family discount when we ate up there at Pizza Hut where she works.  It was nice.  Then one day in January her pitbull got off the leash and Kerry's daughter (about 9 or 10) grabbed the dogs' collar and tried to put her back up but my kids ran outside to talk to the little girl and they were standing at the side of our house with our dog.  Our dog has a shock collar on and uses a wireless electric fence, she can't go out of the yard.  Well, she probably could but she won't.  When the pit saw our dog (45 lb German Shepard mix) she started trying to go after her and the little girl couldn't hold her back.  The pit ran over into our yard and attacked our dog.  Before I got over to the dogs my 2 girls (4 and 6) were over there hitting the pit trying to get her off of Pepper.  I fired off a warning shot with my gun hoping it would scare her away but it didn't work.  Then Kerry ran outside and started trying to pull the dogs apart but it wasn't working.  That pit had a death grip on Pepper's neck and wasn't letting go, luckily she just had skin and not anything vital.  This whole time our kids are outside seeing the whole thing and they are freaking out.  We couldn't think of anything else to do and I really didn't want to shoot the dog so I grabbed the nearest thing I could find, which happened to be one of the kids t-ball stands, and started beating the pit in the face with it.  After what seemed like forever she finally let go but her face was bleeding pretty bad and the t-ball stand was covered in blood and the kids were hysterical screaming and crying at this point.  I got Pepper and the kids in the house and put Pepper in the bath to clean all the blood off of her.  It took a while to get the kids to calm down after that, like hours.  And Kerry came in the house when I was trying to clean Pepper up and apologized and swore up and down to my kids that she was going to get rid of the dog and that they wouldn't ever have to worry about that happening again.  I wasn't going to do anything about it but my parents and everyone else I talked to urged me to call the police and file a report. Then after she found out I filed a report she called and filed a report and said that Pepper came over there in her yard too and that they were fighting in both of our yards which is a complete lie. When that dog ran after Pepper, Pepper turned around and tried to run but only made it to the back by the kids play house before the dog jumped on her. But the cop basically said that the only thing we could do was call animal control but they would probably write both of us a ticket b/c we supposedly "both had our dogs out of our yard". It's our word against theirs so there's not much we can do. 

Well, she lied.  She never got rid of the dog and we kept seeing her off the leash wandering in our yard again.  Luckily both times we saw the dog in our yard Pepper was in the house.  What would have happened if she hadn't of been in the house and we were out at the store or something?  We would have come home to a dead dog.  I was just waiting for something to happen again b/c she wasn't keeping the dog put up properly.  Then not even a month later it happened again.  But this time we had other witnesses.  The neighbors on the other side of Kerry have a boxer that likes to come over and play with Pepper.  Well, he got out of the house and his owners ran across Kerry's yard after him.  When the pit saw him she went nuts and got off the chain again and went after the boxer.  Then Pepper heard all the commotion and ran over there to the edge of our property where they were and when the pit saw Pepper she turned and went after her instead.  We didn't know what to do.  I tried grabbing the biggest sticks I could and hitting her with it but she just wouldn't let go and they all kept breaking.  The guy that owns the boxer came over and tried to help separate them but it was no use.  So, I pulled out my gun and shot the dog.  I figured as soon as I shot her she would let go and run home.  No, it didn't happen that way.  I thought I had missed b/c she didn't let go of Pepper.  Pepper doesn't like gun shots so when the gun went off she jumped up and ran up to the bottom of the back porch stairs with the pit still attached to her.  I ran over there and when I got over to them the pit finally let go and she walked around the side of our house and I picked Pepper up and carried her inside.  She was covered in blood.  It was running all down her leg and there was blood all over the back porch and a steady trail of drips in the house all the way to the bathroom where I had to put Pepper back in the tub and clean her up.  I had to hold pressure on her leg to get the bleeding to stop.  The kids were very upset but luckily they weren't hysterical like they were the first time and one of our best friends came in when I was cleaning Pepper up and helped calm the kids down.  I immediately called animal control this time and they told me to call the cops so I did that too.  The cops showed up and filed a report but that was about it.  They said that I didn't do anything wrong and that I had every right to do what I did.

After the cops left they came and got their dog and buried her immediately.  Then the rest of the day and night they were over there acting like fools hooting and hollering and blasting their radio and walking up and down the road hollering stupid stuff.  That went on until after 11 that night.  Then the next day they would just holler stuff across the yard like "KILLER!!!" and stuff like that.  I couldn't even push my kids on the swings in peace.  Then that night after Kerry got home from work she backed her car up to the property line, opened all the doors on her car and started blaring the radio and the kids were out there "singing" and dancing.  After 10:00 we called the cops and complained and so did the neighbors on the other side of us.  They could hear it over their tv and it was driving them nuts too.  We didn't really have any problems with them after that but then I got a call from an investigator and found out that she's trying to press charges on me for "reckless endangerment".  It's a bunch of BS if you ask me.  She has her kids lying to the cops and saying that I shot the dog more than once and also that I shot my gun into the air.  Complete lies!  I fired one shot, that's it.  I have witnesses.  I was going to be nice and just leave it alone and not make her pay the vet bills or anything but after I found out she was trying to press charges on ME, oh no, 2 can play this game.  I filed a civil suit the other day to get her to pay the vet bills which was almost $500 and today I found out that she's fighting it and we're going to have to go to court.

This was one of Pepper's bite wounds the day after it happened and I shaved her up.  Notice all the bruised looking areas.  That was actually the tissue dying b/c there was so much trauma to the area.

It just got blacker and blacker and started to come off.  It was leaving a huge whole and we could see all her muscles and everything inside of her so we had to take her in for surgery to have it closed up.

This was Pepper after surgery.  She needed lots of stitches and drainage tubes.  I felt so bad for her.  She's doing much better now and she has all her stitches and tubes out and is healing nicely.  We have ordered a set of home security cameras to set up around the house.  It's sad that we have to do that but I don't trust her at all.  Well, hopefully next time I'll have better news for everyone.  I don't like all this drama.