Sunday, August 29, 2010


Oh and in case you were wondering the trip to California went great.  The weather over there is awesome.  I wish I could bottle it and bring it back with me.  It's funny b/c everyone over there was complaining about how hot it was but it felt great over there even though it was in the 90s b/c there wasn't any humidity like there is over here.  And I feel sorry for anyone who ever has to ride in a taxi over there b/c those taxi drivers drive CRAZY!  I have never driven with a worse driver in my life.  And it wasn't like it was just one or two of them.  It was every single taxi driver we drove with.  I don't know where they got their licenses or where all the cops are over there but they need to put down the donuts and give out some tickets.  We didn't get to do as much stuff as we would have liked b/c we were kind pressed for time.  We needed to get back home and get the kids and relieve my mom of her grandmotherly duties so she could go on her anniversary vacation.

I have to start birth control tomorrow to make sure I don't get pregnant on my own since they took out my IUD and to thicken up the lining of my uterus for the transfer.  They only want me to take the active pills.  The first 3 weeks of pills are active and the last week is just an iron pill or sugar pill or something.  Apparently if you just keep taking the active pills you won't get a period and it will thicken up the lining of your uterus which is better for when they do the transfer. 

I talked to my mom tonight and asked her what she would think about me having a baby for a gay couple.  She said NO absolutely not, she didn't want me to do that.  She doesn't think it is right.  I think it would be fine.  I am not here to judge anyone for their decisions in life.  If they want to be gay then that is their choice.  It's not hurting me any so why should I worry about it.  Then there are people who say that the child would be really confused and screwed up.  Children are very resilient and you would be surprised at how much they can go through and turn out fine.  There are plenty of kids that grew up in great homes with straight parents that end up being really screwed up.  My parents divorced when I was 6 and they fought all the time, still do sometimes.  My dad is an alcoholic and my mom moved us around a lot but I still turned out ok.  As long as the parents love the child it doesn't matter whether there are two dads or a mom and a dad or two moms. 


pscott5380 said...

I love You so be your self.

bellygirls said...

Hello! Just starting to read your journey. I love the you are open to helping all kinds of couples. I believe a gay couple has the possibility to provide a loving home just like any other couple. Bravo to you for doing what you feel is right in your heart. I'm looking forward to reading more!