Monday, October 11, 2010


Yay!!!  I never thought I would be so happy to get some paperwork.  Everything is going great.  We got the first set of legal papers.  The fall weather is here and it has been awesome outside.  Perfect temperatures and no rain.  I have been trying to keep myself busy with getting ready for Halloween and all the fairs and fall festivals coming up.  Can't wait!  Summer is my favorite time of year but I am loving this fall weather, for now. 

When we were playing outside on the swing set the other day (me and the kids) Alyssa got scared by a spider and fell off the swing set.  It was the top floor of their wooden swing set so it's pretty high.  She's ok but it shook her up pretty bad.  She couldn't stand up afterwards, her legs were like limp noodles and I took her in the house and she kept saying she wanted to go to bed.  I knew it probably wasn't a good idea to let her go to bed after just falling like that in case she had hit her head so I kept checking on her and she was getting hotter and sweatier then she started throwing up.  It was all very stressful but thankfully she is fine. 

Zoe is broke out in a terrible rash and it is driving me, and her, nuts.  The pediatrician says that it's just eczema but I don't know.  This goes from her toes all the way up to her neck.  The cream they gave me just isn't working and it is the strongest thing they can give me.  I have an appointment scheduled for her to see a dermatologist next week and it can't come soon enough.  She will scratch and scratch until her skin is raw and bleeding and she will be crying and fussing about it and she just keeps on scratching.  It's terrible!


paradykes said...

My partner Ashly is doing a surrogacy also. We've been matched since August with amazing IF's from London. We're just waiting on the ED to get all her testing done. The waiting is the worst. For us it's been hurry up and get all this stuff done and then wait wait wait. Good luck on your journey and I hope you get all preggers on your first transfer.

Jennifer said...

Definately agree about the waiting. Just got done reading your blog and it sounds like we will be doing our transfers around the same time. We are hoping to do ours around December also. We are just trying to finnish up on all the legal paperwork and the ED still has to do her screening. Good luck with Ashly's transfer. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it sticks on the first try.