Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Post For My Fellow Bloggers I know that many of you have been unable to comment on blogs! Thanks to a fellow blogger and her friend, I think we may now have the answer.  I copied her post here for everyone to see...

The blogs that I am still unable to comment on have the "full page" setting for comments. Those who have the "pop up window" setting, I am able to comment on. I have changed mine and would invite some of you to consider changing over! There are SO many of you that I've been dying to comment on how excited I am for you, how cute your belly is looking, how glad I am that you are sharing your story, etc.!!

To change: Go to the SETTINGS button. Click on the COMMENTS tab. About 3 settings down you can choose POP UP WINDOW and SAVE. Voila! Now Jeni is a happy camper and can talk to you again!!! I know we are all on the same page and want Jeni to be a happy camper, right? RIGHT??? LOL!!

Anyway, I thought I would share just in case this helps!

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