Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, I got my test results back today from the blood work and everything and I am 100% approved and ready to move forward.  YAY!!!  I am so excited!  The only thing left to do is pick a couple.  I have 2 profiles right now and I will discuss them with my husband tomorrow and try to decide which one to go with.  One of them is a single woman  who lives in NY and the other is a couple that lives in Norway.  I was really wanting to do a couple but I was also wanting someone who lives in the U.S. so idk.  I'm still kinda leaning towards the couple.  I guess we can still phone and e-mail just as easily as if they were living in the U.S. so it doesn't really make that big of a difference.  Did I mention I was excited?  OMG I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to get started and to meet the couple.  The only thing that I am kinda worried about is that the transfer won't "stick".  I have heard a lot of horror stories about people having to have it done multiple times and having a really hard time with it and I just hope everything goes ok, for my sake and the IPs.

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