Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't know how I'm going to do this

God give me the strength to do this.  I told my dad about the surrogacy and that I am going with a gay couple and he FREAKED out!  There was a lot of cussing and disbelief before he hung up on me.  But the part that hit me the hardest was when he said that he was actually proud of me until he heard that and that he definately wouldn't be repeating it or telling anyone.  He thinks I have completely lost my mind.  If this is how people are going to act when I tell them, I don't plan on telling anyone else.  :'(  I know in my heart that this is the right thing.  I don't know why people are so judgemental.  I just want to move far far away from everyone right now.

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Nina Turner said...

I'm sorry sweetie, and I truly hope you don't get that same reaction elsewhere. I am very lucky to have very open minded family members with no prejudices from this area to fall back on. My stepdad was born and raised in a rural area in Texas and surprisingly has had nothing negative to say about the journey. I'm hoping with time, your dad will come to realize that you're still doing an amazing thing and you deserve for him to be proud of you.