Friday, February 11, 2011

New IFs?

Well, apparently the guys liked my profile but there was one thing in my medical records that they wanted to talk to the dr about and since the dr is on vacation this week i think they are supposed to meet with him on monday.  It's nothing too serious but I guess, being 2 guys, they don't know that.  I had an early miscarriage at 8 weeks before I had my kids.  It was the first time I had ever been pregnant and it never happened again.  I didn't have a bit of problem getting pregnant with my girls and the doctors all said that it was pretty common.  So hopefully everything goes ok with their talk with the dr.  If so, my husband and I will be flying out to L.A. in 2 weeks for the match meeting.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


momof4 said...

YAY! I'm excited for you! The match meeting is always fun and a nice mini vaca with the hubby can't hurt;)

Jennifer said...

Match meetings seem so stressful. Maybe it's just b/c I'm so shy. Definately looking forward getting it over with though and finally meeting the guys and of course to the mini vaca :)

RebekahRose said...

I had an early missed miscarriage after my son (m/c in 2006) and started looking into being a G.S. not long after the m/c. It caused a few potential IPs and agencies to turn me down, but didn't take me long to find someone who was happy to work with me and I've delivered 2 G.S. babies since then. I figure, as with most things, if it's meant to be, if they're meant to work with you, it will all work out! :)