Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unsuccessful Match

Ok, we flew out to L.A. last week for the match meeting with D and R.  The guys were really nice but we really got the feeling that D wasn't sure if he wanted to work with us or not.  Plus they were supposed to let the agency know what they decided by last Friday and as of Tuesday they still hadn't let them know anything.  Maybe we were just reading too much into it, I don't know.  But between that and the fact that our former IPs, S and A, have been contacting me again wanting to get started again sometime soon, we decided to let D and R go.  Only thing is that S and A haven't given me a timeline yet as to when they will be ready to start again.  I'm just hoping it won't be too long.  They were supposed to let me know something today but I haven't heard anything from them and I texted them and e-mailed them today.  Hopefully everything is ok and they aren't backing out again.  Either way I feel like we made the right decision about not going with D and R.  I know no one ever said surrogacy was easy I just never expected it to take this long to get matched.  This is getting a little ridiculous.  And I feel terrible b/c the agency is spending all this time, energy and money trying to get me matched and so far it hasn't happened but they have been absolutely great about the whole situation.  Just kinda rolling right along with it like me.  What else can you do?  I guess it'll happen when it happens and until then I am just going to try to concentrate on my life.  Gotta get my oldest baby signed up for pre-k next week.  Can't believe she is starting school...that's crazy!

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paradykes said...

I'm sorry to hear that they weren't a match. Hopefully S & A will want to move quickly and not back out again.

If it's not working with that agency are you willing to move to another agency? I know the agency we're through is always looking for surrogates and they have been nothing short of amazing for us.