Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Flowers and a Blueberry

Yesterday I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from "I and A" to brighten my day.  I love them and they definitely did the trick.  The kids were as excited to see them as I was.  It's always nice to get flowers especially since I usually only gets them once or twice a year.  Tommy said if they weren't gay he'd be jealous (other guys sending me flowers) LOL! 
On Monday I started having some minor spotting.  I wasn't really cramping much so didn't think it was really a big deal but decided to go ahead and e-mail the doctor and just let him know what was going on.  I figured he would just tell me the usual (take it easy, try to rest, no sex) so I was shocked when he said he wanted me to go in for another ultrasound.  I just had an ultrasound about a week ago and already have another one scheduled for next Monday, the 12th.  So today I went in for another ultrasound.  I LOVE ultrasounds!  Especially early on in the pregnancy before you start to feel movement.  I knew everything was ok because my nausea has been getting worse the past couple of days and I'm constantly exhausted.  Even though I knew everything was fine and told the guys not to worry (which is apparently impossible) it's always nice to see that ultrasound and hear that beautiful heartbeat.  At my last u/s it was very hard to see the baby b/c he was so tiny and the doctor could just see the flicker of a heartbeat.  This time it was great to see the baby looked much bigger.  I am 7 weeks and the baby is measuring 7 weeks 3 days and he had a heart rate of 150 bpm.  I was so happy I actually got to hear the heartbeat this time.  It's a sound I will never get tired of hearing :)
You can see the baby on the right and his little yolk sac beside him.  Isn't he so cute!  According to he's about the size of a blueberry now.  So I guess we'll see this little blueberry again on Monday and see how much more he has grown.  Can't wait!  I am going to see if i can record the heartbeat with my cell phone next time for the guys :)
I've been debating lately about when to start belly pictures.  I'm not showing or anything, although I would love for that to be the reason I have this huge belly.  I'm sure that 99% of this belly is all me.  OK, it's ALL me, there, I admit it.  Still, I'm not sure if I should go ahead and start taking belly shots now so I will have something to compare it to or if I should wait until I'm actually showing (which will probably be a long while).

I fixed a big pot of chili for dinner last night and had a delicious bowl of chili for dinner.  Then this morning whenever I would go to the fridge I could smell the chili and it made me wanna vomit!  Well, so much for leftover chili for dinner, guess this baby has had enough chili for one day.  I had a wonderful dinner tonight.  I had 3 or 4 handfulls of cashews and an oatmeal cream pie for desert.  Food does not sound good today :(  I did manage to have a decent lunch though.  I had a chicken salad sandwich with a side salad :)

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Jeni said...

Beautiful flowers!! Lucky girl!! I say take belly pics whenever you want! There is no rule on when! Be sure to share when you do though! We're all anxious to see! Take care!