Wednesday, August 31, 2011

6 Week Ultrasound

I had my first ultrasound (6 week ultrasound) on Monday and everything looked great.  There was one little baby in there and she could see a flicker of a heartbeat, it's still very early.  She also said that it looked like there was a small SCH but she didn't seem too concerned about it.  She said that's probably where my bleeding came from the other day and we would just have to watch it and make sure it goes away.  "A" was supposed to fly in on Monday morning to go to the appointment with me but since the U/S got moved up to Monday and he already had his flight scheduled for Thursday he wasn't able to make it.  He was on the phone with travelocity for 2.5 hours the other day but they wouldn't change his flight or give him a refund.  I was a little bummed that he didn't get to come but my mom and oldest daughter, Alyssa, came with me insead.  But then when we got there they said they don't allow kids back there :(  Luckily it was really quick and they gave me a picture to show them.  I go back again in 2 weeks for my 8 week ultrasound then 2 weeks after that for the 10 week ultrasound.  Can't wait to see how this little baby bean is growing but I can't wait for these first 10 weeks to be over with.  I hate the 1+ hour drive up to atlanta for my appointment.  I can't wait till I am free to go to my own doctor.

I have been having a really rough day today.  Alyssa has been in school for a month now (pre-k) and she still hates it.  Watching my baby fight back tears when I drop her off at school in the morning is almost more than I can take.  All these early pregnancy hormones aren't helping any.  I've been so upset all day and can't wait to go pick her up :'(

I think I've gotten off pretty easy so far with this pregnancy.  I have only had minimal nausea and have been pretty emotional and feel exhausted alot of the time.  I usually try to take a nap during the day when Zoe takes a nap and that definately helps me make it through the day without feeling like I'm about to turn all narcoleptic and pass out in the

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realisingdreams said...

Sucks A didn't get to make the scan but wonderful it went so well!!!