Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ok, I've been totally sucking at blogging lately.  Life has been getting in the way.  Going from being a stay at home mom with nothing much I had to do during the day to having Alyssa in school and soccer practices and lots of dr. appointments is taking some getting used to.  I had my first beta on 8/15  at 12dp3dt and it was 133.  Then my second beta was on 8/17 at 14dp3dt and it was 290.  It more than doubled :)  Today I had my 3rd beta, I am 21dp3dt and it was 4023!  Yay!!!  I was shocked when I heard that number.  I was hoping for something over 2500 so I was extatic when I heard it was over 4000.  My first ultrasound is next week but I'm not sure exactly when yet.  I should know something tomorrow.  It was scheduled to be on the 1st but yesterday when I was at Alyssa's soccer practice I started cramping really bad and when I got home I realized I was bleeding so Kolb told me to rest and said he was going to move the U/S to the beginning of the week.  I freaked out a little at first but then I calmed down and wasn't too worried.  Of course noone wants to see blood during pregnancy but I know it's pretty common with IVF pregnancies and have talked to MANY of other surrogates who have had the same thing.  I'm sure there's probably something I am forgetting to update about but atleast I got the main stuff :)

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LovelyMrsJessica said...

Wonderful news. :) YAY YAY YAY. cant wait to hear about the sono!! :)