Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well, we've finally got our first set of tentative dates...YAY!!!  Of course it is subject to change, I am just happy to finally have something to shoot for instead of being kind of in the dark with an, "it looks like it's going to be a mid December transfer".  I am just kind of worried that if anything happens and the calendar gets pushed back with it being so close to the holidays that we may have to delay until after the holidays.  And of course that would mean more waiting.  Either way I am so happy to finally have some dates and more than ready to get started.

11/23/10 US/E2 (Ultrasound and estrogen level) Lupron Start
11/27/10 Take last ACTIVE birth control pill and expect a period
12/02/10-US/E2-If OK, start Estrogen
12/08/10 US/E2-Lining check
12/15/10 US/E2-Lining  check-
12/17/10  Poss.  Retrieval    Possible Progesterone Start
12/20/10 Possible Embryo Transfer- Day-3

In other news....I had my 2nd surrogate conference the other day and learned an interesting fact I didn't know.  Apparently after they do the transfer they tilt the end of the bed up in the air and you have to lay there like that for like 30 minutes.  I knew about having to lay there after the transfer but I didn't know they tilt the bed.  Interesting.

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