Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I got my instructions last night for all the meds I got the other day.  I was supposed to start today on the Lupron but since the hospital I went to today to have my bloodwork and U/S done weren't able to get the results back today we will have to wait until tomorrow to get the results and start everything.  They said that it is fine and that it shouldn't mess up the schedule or anything.  I guess I will just have one less day of the Lupron. 

I can't wait until I can actually see my regular obgyn.  I have to go to the Emory Reproductive Center in Atlanta to have my bloodwork and U/S done and it's a really nice hospital.  It's huge, like 20 floors i think, and they have valet parking.  It took forever to get my appointment scheduled then when I got there they didn't know what was going on and I ended up having to call GG and get them to call up there and talk to someone.  Hopefully my next 3 appointments are my last with them and hopefully it goes smoother next time.  I really don't like driving in Atlanta either.  It's just too much traffic and I get turned around easy b/c I don't really know my way around up there (thank god for GPS!).  And there are too many one way streets that I seem to like to turn the wrong way down. :o/

In case you were wondering this is what my instructions are for the meds so far...

Lupron start 11/24/10 inject 10 units a day

11/27/10 take last active pill and expect a period

12/02/10 start Estrogen support
  • Estradiol Valerate:  0.1 cc every 3 days for 2 doses then increase to 0.2 cc every 3 days
  • Estrace 2mg tablets:  1 tablet 2x a day then increase to 3x a day on 7th dose
  • Prenatal vitamins:  1 pill 3x a day
  • Baby Asprin, DHA and Folate:  1 pill a day
  • Decrease Lupron:  5 units daily
12/17/10 Start Progesterone support
  • Day 1:  Insert 1 Progesterone vaginal capsule at bedtime
  • Day 2:  Insert Progesterone vaginal capsules 3x a day and continue daily
  • Day 2:  Progesterone in oil - inject 1 cc daily
  • Day 2:  Start Medrol dose pack and take as directed on package
  • There is also a Progesterone lozenge but my papers don't mention it...maybe they just missed it.  It is the strangest thing.  It looks like a little square and it smells like grape and it says to take it sublingually.
Embryo Transfer 12/20/10

It is just so much stuff to remember.  I am worried that I am going to mess up or do something wrong.  I am going to have to make myself a detailed list of what I am supposed to take each day.  Here comes the FUN!


MrsKnight said...

A great way to keep track of your meds is to make up a special calendar (find a free printable online) with your meds for each day listed. I taped this to the inside of the cabinet where I stored all the meds, with a pen attached by a string, and crossed off each one as I took it. There are days when you wonder "did I take my prenatal today, or was that yesterday?" The meds WILL get more confusing later when you take some everyday, and others only twice a week, and some have to be taken in the evening. :-)

Jennifer said...

that is a great idea thanks. i will definately be doing time i guess :(