Friday, July 15, 2011

E2/US Appt Today

So I had my 2nd E2/US appt today and everything went great.  And for those of you that don't know, the E2 is the blood test they do to check your estrogen level and the US is the ultrasound they do to check your ovaries and the lining of your uterus.  I think at this stage in the process they want your lining to be thin and your estrogen levels to be low (preferably b/c you've just had a visit from AF).

Well, since I took my last BC pill on Monday I still hadn't gotten a visit from dear old AF.  I know it normally takes me 3 - 5 days to start my period after I take my last active BC pill but I have been so worried that it is going to mess something up since it hasn't gotten here yet.  Before your period your lining is typically thick and that is what you shed when you have a period.  And since they want your lining to be thin before you start taking the estrogen you usually need to have a period first.  Luckily when I went to my appointment today the US tech said that my lining was already really thin (4.6) and after they got the blood work back they said my estrogen levels were already really low too.  They wanted my levels to be below 80 and mine were below 25.  So Dr. Kolb said it was ok to go ahead and start the meds without having had a period. 

I was so relieved b/c if he wanted me to have a period first that would push our timeline back.  So, after all that worrying about not getting my period and then getting cleared to start meds anyways, I get home from the store and guess who has decided to come for a visit...dear old AF.  Ahhhh.  I was so worried that I was going to have to wait a couple of days for AF to leave before I could start meds so I called Grace at Dr. Kolb's office right away.  She did a great job of calming me down and reassuring me that it was fine and that I could continue on the meds as planned.  I felt so much better after talking to her.  She is very sweet.

I'm not really sure how much detail I should be giving my IFs.  I tend to tell people TMI and I kind of worry that I am going to tell them something that they really didn't want (or need) to know.  Like when I called them today after my appt.  Most guys don't have a whole lot of experience or knowledge about the female reproductive system and periods and linings as it is.  So, trying to explain it to a gay guy was kinda funny b/c they have even less experience and knowledge about it.  I kinda felt like I was speaking spanish or something...LOL.  Plus it was kinda weird discussing it with a guy.  I've never had a problem talking about that stuff with other women but I've never had to discuss it with a guy before.  I don't have a problem telling them but maybe I should ask them exactly how much detail they want to know  :)

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