Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Injections, BCP and Life

Not a whole lot new to post.  I did my 5th lupron injection tonight and Alyssa even helped me.  This was the first time she's seen me do the injection since she freaked out.  She cleaned off a spot on my stomach with the alcohol pad then I put the needle in and she pushed the medicine in.  Then I pulled the needle out and she said, "That wasn't so bad."  She was even joking around and laughing about how much she freaked out last time.  I knew she'd come around :)

I took my last BCP yesterday so I am patiently waiting on AF.  Hopefully she will visit soon.  My boobs are killing me.  Don't know if that's from the lupron or b/c I was supposed to start about a week ago and my hormones are probably going crazy.  My patience does seem to be a little thinner than normal also.

We are also trying to get everything ready for Zoe's 2nd birthday.  We got her a trampoline for her birthday and started putting it together tonight.  We got the trampoline part put together and the kids jumped on it for a little while.  We should be able to finish the net sides tomorrow as long as the weather holds out.  Weather has been horrible here lately.  Highs around 96 with 85% humidity and the heat index for today was 113 (in Ga)!!!  Miserable.  I am missing that L.A. weather right now.

I'm watching the Little Couple right now and she is doing I think her 5th egg retrieval.  Out of the other 4 egg retrievals they were only able to get 1 egg and they got 2 eggs this time.  They are trying to get enough eggs together to do some genetic testing on and implant some embryos into a surrogate.  I think it would be so cool to be a surrogate for them.  They seem like really sweet down to earth people.  Just noticed that the fertility clinic they are at is HRC Fertility in California.  Hmmm...wonder what agency they are using.

Well, about my friend, I don't think she has gotten the e-mail yet.  Apparently her computer got struck by lightening and won't turn on.  So, she is supposed to be calling me so we can meet up b/c my husband is her computer repair man.  I guess I will just end up telling her in person when I see her.  Wish me luck.  No telling how she will react when she finds out. 


Andrea said...

I just finished watching The Little Couple (it was on my DVR). I really like them too. I think they are with Center for Surrogate Parenting - Creating Families. And the HRC that they use is in Los Angeles, not Pasadena like most of us in group use.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that. Esp when I saw HRC. Thanks :)

GHALE said...

Sorry I've watched them a couple of times but have not kept up, do you know if they want a little baby or one that is of normal height? I think that's neat that they are planning to use a surrogate.

Jennifer said...

Never really thought about it and i only catch an episode every once in a while but I would assume they wanted a baby that is normal height. Although it would probably be easier for them to deal with a "little" baby b/c a "normal" child would out grow them pretty quickly and probably be harder for them to handle.