Friday, July 8, 2011

One Down

Well, I had my "first" lupron injection today.  Very easy.  My 4 year old insisted on watching me do it before she got ready for bed so she stood there watching me get everything ready then right before the needle went in she yelled, "No, don't do it!"  Then after it went it she ran into the next room crying saying she didn't like needles.  LOL!  That child is so overly dramatic.  I was trying to show her that it wasn't going to hurt and it wasn't a big deal but I don't guess it worked.  Hopefully she will calm down in the next couple of weeks and will be so used to it that I will have her doing my injections ;) 

In other news, I wrote my best friend an e-mail the other day telling her about who I am doing the surrogacy for (don't know if I'm getting brave or it was just stupidity).  Up until now she assumed it was for a straight couple.  We don't talk about it much.  I've known her since I was born but our lives keep us busy and we don't see each other as much as we would like.  One reason I never told her is b/c I know she strongly disagrees with homosexuality.  She already thought I was crazy just for doing the surrogacy.  But we've been friends for too long and I couldn't stand keeping something like this from her.  I would rather tell her now and have her never talk to me again (although I hope it doesn't come to that) than go through with it and her find out later.  Since I sent her the e-mail I haven't heard anything from her.  Hopefully she just needs some time to calm down.  Maybe I'll work up the courage to call her next week, we'll see.

Another surrogate posted in one of our FB groups today about receiving some harsh criticism over doing a surrogacy for a gay couple and I am going to post some really good comments people wrote.

"...the Bible teaches acceptance and love, not hate and judgement."

"...ask them if they are God (and we know the answer to that), and then when they say no I say then be quiet and let him do his job when my time here is done. Plain and simple, He is the only one that can judge you in the end and the God I believe in knows my heart and know my IF's hearts and that alone makes me know I'm doing something very right. :) A good Dr. Seuss quote lol, "Always be yourself and say how you feel. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." "

"I was raised Christian and at first I really had to think about it...but to be honest I was raised not to judge people. Who am I to say no someone who wants to start a family. And to be honest most gay people are the sweetest human beings... ever and make great parents. Better then some so-called parents out there. I was hesitant in the beginning to tell people but now I have no shame and if people cant accept it I really don't care. As long as my husband and family are ok that is all that my mom always said "do they put food on the table"? "pay your bills"? if not don't worry about them."

Going into surrogacy I have had a lot of reactions that I never expected.  I knew my friend didn't like gays but had no idea she would be opposed to surrogacy, as is my step dad.  My mom and dad were ok with the surrogacy but totally freaked out when they found out I was doing it for a gay couple.  I never expected that.  Growing up I was never taught to be judgmental.  I was taught to accept people for who they are on the inside.  Homosexuality wasn't even something that my parents had ever mentioned so I never knew it was an issue.  So you can imagine how completely confused I was when they reacted the way they did. 

I'm sure I will come across more judgmental people during the course of this surrogacy (and the ones that follow).  I just hope that some of the people around me can learn to be more accepting and I am so very thankful for the ones that stand behind me on this topic b/c they far out number the ones that don't. 


Michelle said...

I understand what your going through. I haven't told many people that I'm doing it for IF. I honestly think that its no ones business.

momof4 said...

Happy you have started your shots! Excited for your journey:)

Melissa Bowyer said...

My first journey was for a straight couple...second will be for IF's. I was raised Christian (my hubby was a pastor)and I saw so many inconsistencies with the faith, aka-being upset with your friend/family member for choosing to love beyond all reason or bounds, for a gay couple...Chin up because the joy and love you give and will no doubt receive, will more than compensate for a few negative comments!

GHALE said...

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